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- a little background into us -

We work with brands we can love


We are /’katl-ist/ a full service influencer, events and communications agency, we craft and create beautiful campaigns and strategies that speak to the hearts of your brands target consumers.

From influencer programs targeting the privileged few through to mass awareness celebrity associations we are nimble and agile enough to play in some of the toughest environments to create meaningful connections with your consumers

Take a moment to peruse our website and if you think we can help you in anyway please get in touch!

A brand worth taking notice of is one that engages with the the way people perceive the world.

We create concept and experiences that engages with the way people perceive the real world. This in turn enables us to build a brand that is worth taking notice of.

We break down how we do this into 6 key categories. Each of these six can be delivered as a stand alone, a combination or a full set.

The further we are allowed to delve into your brands deliverables the stronger we can fuel our ability to create meaningful connections and conversations with your key customers.



A dedicated and dynamic collective of like minded individuals who are at times a bit mad. We love what we do and care about the brands we work with as if they were our own.


Everyone needs a little help from their friends, luckily for us we have some industry leaders who sit as advisors on our board and give us invaluable support.